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Helping people feel and live their best using a fresh, natural approach to medicine.

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    Are you tired of feeling tired?

    You would like to make some life changes but you don’t have enough energy, motivation or ideas on how to get started. You are looking for gentle guidance and a natural approach to improving your health.

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    Do you experience digestive bloating on a regular basis?

    You have been unable to identify what is causing your digestive issues. You want to wear your favourite clothes with confidence but you need some direction and support. 

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    Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

    You’ve got a lot on your schedule.  To get things done you feel like you’re constantly running on “high.”  You’re busy taking care of everyone else, but realize it is time to start looking after yourself.  

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    Do you feel your hormones are out of balance?

    You are experiencing mood swings, weight gain, brain fog, and disturbed sleep. You want to balance your hormones naturally and avoid unwanted side effects of hormone replacement therapy.

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    Do you miss your “happy-go-lucky” self?

    You feel down and anxious. You have tried prescription medications but didn’t like the side effects. You’re eager to feel like yourself again and are interested in natural therapies.

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Green Chili Recipe – Chili with a Twist!

Melissa, our amazing office receptionist, introduced me to this recipe.  For those interested in chili with a twist – this is one for the books! What You’ll Need: 1 tbsp butter, ghee, or oil that tolerates heat well 1...

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Holiday Baking: Reindeer Droppings

Getting started on your holiday baking?  Try this recipe for a chewy chocolate treat:  Reindeer Droppings!  Well technically, I was told they are called “Moose Droppings” but I switched it up for the holidays!  Our lovely office administrator Jenn...


Myth Busting Video #3: You Either have to See an MD or an ND

It is a common misconception that Naturopathic Doctors are anti-conventional Western medicine.  For me personally, this is just simply not true. In my ideal world, the most common health care model would be one based off an Integrative Medicine...


Myth Busting Video #2: Naturopathic Medicine is Nothing More than “Hippy Dippy” Medicine

People who aren’t familiar with Naturopathic Medicine have all kinds of different impressions about it’s philosophy and practice.  After the 2nd World War and into the 1950’s, conventional Western Medicine began deeming Naturopathic Medicine as “quackery.”  Heck, even my...